Phone System Installation and Programming

MottaCom sources, installs and programs a variety of phone systems and handsets. We'll help you determine the functionality that best meets the needs of your business, including the number of lines and extensions required, voicemail, IP capabilities and more. As your business grows, we'll continue to work with you to upgrade or replace your systems when additional functionality is needed.
We understand the importance of having your new system operational with as minimal disruption to your business as possible. MottaCom's installation and programming process is efficient and streamlined which allows us to spend more time serving you; all of our programming services include one free staff training session covering the key features of the installed system.
MottaCom provides complete programming services for Snom, Nortel, Avaya and a variety of other phone systems. Some of the most popular programming features that you might consider are:

  •     voicemail
  •     day and night greetings
  •     music on hold
  •     call forwarding
  •     speed dialing
  •     3-way conferencing


IP Telephony Systems

IP telephony may not be right for every business, but MottaCom would be happy to help you explore the possibilities of a Voice over IP telephone system. Your existing IT network infrastructure may provide an opportunity to take advantage of the following VoIP benefits:
Dramatically reduced long distance phone charges:
By routing calls through the internet, there are great long distance savings available – particularly in North America and major markets.
Enhanced phone features:
Features such as auto attendant, 3-way conference calling, integrated voice and email messaging, and multiple employee extensions are made affordable to small and growing businesses. These features can be easily managed from your desktop, avoiding expensive service calls to technicians.
Your phone – along with access to your contacts and voicemail – can be connected wherever a high-speed internet connection is available.
Reduced operating costs:
Wired phone lines connecting long distances between offices are completely eliminated.
Reduced capital costs:
New businesses can consolidate the separate costs of an internet network and a telecom infrastructure into one. Capital outlay for a communications system can also be avoided through monthly leasing options.
If you're not sure if VoIP is right for you, then please contact MottaCom for an evaluation.